Women in Motion, Inc. is a non- for-profit, Indiana-based organization that provides education on the prevention of HIV/AIDS. In addition, it provides education on other topics that lead to unhealthy behaviors such as substance abuse, domestic violence, obesity and other sexually transmitted diseases. The program targets primarily women of color; however, believes that people of all races, including men, can benefit from its services.

The program's initiative is to incorporate spirituality with long-term behavioral changes that will promote healthier living which ultimately creates a better community for everyone.

Women in Motion, Inc. values diversity and is comprised of individuals with various backgrounds. These individuals are committed to making a difference in our community as well as in the lives of those who may not understand the underlying reasons for the unhealthy choices they are making in their everyday lives.

The program includes a comprehensive outreach program that is designed to tap in to the lives of individuals who are using various substances, work release/jail, half way houses, churches, shelters, etc.

Trainers and volunteers speak with groups of individuals as well as meet with individuals on a one on one basis. These individuals have been able to make our participants feel secure in the knowledge that they are speaking with people who care and can in some way relate to the health and relationship concerns they endure.

To learn more about Women in Motion, Inc., an HIV/AIDS Education, Prevention and Intervention Organization, please call 317-938-0107 or you may e-mail us at info@womeninmotioninc.org. We would love to hear from you!